Greetings! My name is James Nolan.

I'm a Production Sound Mixer based in Los Angeles, California.

I have extensive experience on Documentary, Reality, and Commercial productions. I've also done sound editing and sound effects recording for Feature Films and Video Games. I own a professional sound kit and can accommodate a variety of productions.  

Fun, friendly, and hard working!

Travel Ready.

Feel free to contact me in regards to rates and availability.


References available on request

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Sound Devices 788t SSD w/CL8
Sony PCM M10 (backup)

Boom & Dynamic Microphones
DPA4017 Short Shotgun
Sennheiser MKH8050
2x Sennheiser MKH8040
Shure SM7B
Shure SM58
3x Shure SM57

Lavalier Microphones
1x DPA6060
2x DPA4060
2x DPA Slim
2x Tram TR50

Lectrosonics SRB Dual Receiver
2 x Lectrosonics SMQV Transmitter
Wisycom MCR42 Dual Receiver
2 x Wisycom MTP40S Transmitter
Sennheiser SK100 Transmitter (Hop/IFB)
Sennheiser EK100 Receiver (Hop)
4x Sennheiser IEM Receiver (Hop/IFB)
2 x Lectrosonics SNA600A Dipole Antenna
PSC RF-Multi SMA Antenna Distro

Denecke TS-C Timecode Slate
2x Tentacle Sync Timecode Box

K-Tek Stingray Medium Bag
RocknRoller R12Stealth Cart w/2 tier media shelf



I hail from Dublin, Ireland. My first experience in audio was recording myself playing guitar at the age of 14. I haven't stopped setting up microphones and pressing record since! I began tracking local Irish bands and mixing demos, then migrated to the film world, initially as a sound editor. I eventually found my way into production sound, though I still do post work on occasion.

I emigrated to the U.S in 2011, spending several years in Orlando, Florida before moving to Los Angeles in 2017.